Doctor Wichitrat Champian Roke

Anti-aging and Aesthetic Regenerative Expert 




Gives radiant invigorated healthy

grow skin throughout the day

Advance Moisture Complex

Inhibits melanin from producing

helps brighten skin

Collagen from Deep Sea Fish

A high efficiency particle to deliver various benificial substances to the skin, making all substances work more effectively than regular technology


Tightening pores, reduce clogging

the cause of acne


Reducing inflammation, anti-allergic

Reduce freckles and dark spots

Witch Hazel

Slowdown aging wrinkles

Moisture skin with bright radiant 

YUZU Orange





Special like No others

Contains carbonic acid which is a soft soda, an innovation from Japan Increase the ability to clean and remove dirt on the face.

Does not cause allergies

No chemical ingredients

No Parabens, alcohol and mineral oils  Suitable for all skin types and those with sensitive skin.

Fine smooth


The texture is fine and smooth.Deeply clean into the pores, reducing clogging, the main cause of acne


How to use Suhada Soda Cleansing




 Q : What is Soda Cleansing and how does it good ?
A : It is a facial cleansing product with soda (main ingredient). Soda will penetrate deep into the inner layer of the pores and clean the skin

effectively, reduce the pores clogging which is the cause of acne

 Q : I have a delicate skin, am I able to use it?
A : Yes, you can use it because Suhada doesn't have alcohol, paraben and chemical toxic. All the ingredients are 100% natural

 Q : Can i use it to clean make up while my face is dry?
A : Yes, you can simply use it to clean off your make up and rinse with water after that

 Q : Will it irritate my skin since it's soda?
A : No it won't, because the soda in Suhada is a mild acid that does not damage the skin as well as helping the skin to be soft and moisturized as well

 : How does the soda help my skin ?
A : Soda is carbon dioxide and carbonic acid mixed together, which helps to pull out fat and remove impurities from the pores. Carbonic acid will help stimulate skin cell renewal along with increasing oxygen resulting in soft skin, moisturised

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